Sunday, June 24, 2012


Hi, this is my first post. 

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  1. Learning thru the trials can be a tough one. I have come to realize one day at a time I cannot wallow in the circumstances that come my way. What I do need to do is listen to God to see what he is trying to teach me.

    For instance. Our cars have been in & out of the shop all year long. We have put so much money into them we could have bought another car. It's been tough. In today's society it seems that everyone has a car or even two cars these days.

    There are also alot of people that use other forms of transportation such as help from a neighbor, taking the bus or train.

    In order to find joy in the hard circumstances I had to look at how can I be a blessing to those that come my way during the hard times.

    My son & I have taken the bus to different places but we had the priviledge of meeting the warmest bus driver. He was so helpful in guiding us to the right bus when we transfered. I watched him as the people came on & off his bus & how friendly & persoal he was to them. He brought smiles to those that rode his bus. If I had a car at that point I would have missed out in meeting this amazing person that tries so hard to bring joy in other lives. What a great example for my son as well.

    There were many times I had to walk to & from places. I was able to get some good exercise in when normally I would be driving everywhere. I met some wonderful people on my walks. Even just giving someone a smile that day. Who knows I may have brighten up their lives just with a smile & a nice hello. I was able to see God's beautiful creations. It certainly slowed down my day to enjoy the small things.

    Another thing was blessing & being blessed my our auto mechanic & his helpers. They were so friendly & helpful. We took the time to talk & get to know eachother better. Just having that opportunity to speak into someone else's life & for them to speak into mine.

    What a great way to help me no focus on the fact that I was without a car for quite a few days different times of year. Not to focus on the cost, because believe me money is tight. God provided as he always does.

    My prayer is that when you & I continue to go through the trials of life that we do learn from them instead of them getting us down.

    It's all about prospective. God is so very good, all the time, not some of the time. I am greatful for him giving me grace & new mercies each & every day.

    Talk to you soon.